Friday, January 17, 2020
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About Us
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Strategic Properties Inc. is located in Houston, Texas. Our staff has over 28 years of experience in commercial and residential property management. As part of a family owned real estate investment company founded in 1955, the president of Strategic Properties Inc., Joel Stolarski, provides a complete and comprehensive approach to allow the owner/investor to maximize their return on the home investment property. We manage and own residential and commercial properties, which provides us the experience and expertise to control expenses and share our investment knowledge.




We have established a group of quality, reliable contractors and vendors to perform all maintenance repairs and renovations at a cost effective price. Our partnership with local real estate professionals will obtain new leases on a timely basis. By providing a clear channel of communication and sending prompt, concise financial records and payments, the owner/investor has the confidence of knowing their residential property is producing an exceptional return. Join the Strategic Property Management Program and rest assured our team of professionals will provide the best results for your home investment property.